Current Members


Joel  Collier

Joel Collier

Theodore Kennedy Professor of Biomedical Engineering

Research Interests: The design of biomaterials for a range of biomedical applications, with a focus on understanding and controlling adaptive immune responses.

PhD Students

Pablo  Cordero-Alvarado

Pablo Cordero-Alvarado

BME Doctoral Student

Research Interests: Understand the design rules of biomaterials to elicit immune responses that can control and improve wound healing in animal models that mimic biological processes in humans.

Benjamin   Cossette

Benjamin Cossette

BME Doctoral Candidate

Research Interests: Engineering self-assembling peptide vaccines for the treatment of allergy and autoimmune diseases

Elizabeth  Curvino

Elizabeth Curvino

BME Doctoral Candidate

Research Interests: Designing nanofiber immunotherapies for inflammatory bowel disease Developing supramolecular platforms for oral delivery

Helena  Freire Haddad

Helena Freire Haddad

BME Doctoral Student

Research Interests: Engineering mucus-penetrating materials for mucosal vaccine delivery Active immunotherapies to mitigate inflammatory diseases

Kat  Lazar

Kat Lazar

BME Doctoral Student

Research Interests: Peptide synthesis and glatiramoids

Deleah  Pettie

Deleah Pettie

BME Doctoral Student

Research Interests:

Emily  Roe

Emily Roe

BME Doctoral Candidate

Research Interests: Sublingual delivery of peptide nanofibers to prevent sexually transmitted infections Conjugation of proteins to self-assembling peptide nanofibers

Shamitha  Shetty

Shamitha Shetty

BME Doctoral Candidate

Research Interests: Engineering active immunotherapies for anti-inflammatory applications. Leveraging material platforms to enhance wound healing.

Masters Students

Peiying  Liu

Peiying Liu

Research Interests: Characterizing peptide for autoimmune disease and reduce inflammation


Gavin  Foley

Gavin Foley

BME Undergraduate Student

Research Interests: Characterizing polypeptides and understanding how they interact with the immune system.

Christopher  Lloyd

Christopher Lloyd

BME Undergraduate Student

Research Interests: Designing hydrogel and self-assembling nanofiber scaffolds to modulate adaptive immune responses to wounds

Therapeutic Pet-tides

Zuzu  Collier

Zuzu Collier

Research Interests: Currently studying leporine psychology, secretly wishing it was leporine gastronomy. 

Theo  Cordero

Theo Cordero

Research Interests: Theo's interests range from finding hidden toys to following trails of little treats. In his free time, he enjoys going to dog parks and making new friends. 

Appa  Freire

Appa Freire

Research Interests: Propagating sound waves in nocturnal conditions

Essi   Katz

Essi Katz

Research Interests: Essi’s project focuses on finding the maximum number of places to hide the bodies of cockroaches she has sac’ed. In her free time, she enjoys chasing spots of light, parkour, and making biscuits.

Benny   Roe

Benny Roe

Research Interests: Bennys interests include studying the behavioral patterns of the eastern gray squirrel and the optimal disassembly of stuffed animals. In his free time he enjoys napping and hiking with his mom.