Current Members


Joel Collier

Associate Professor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering
Research Interests:
The design of biomaterials for a range of biomedical applications, with a focus on understanding and controlling adaptive immune responses.

Postdoctoral Fellows

Yaoying Wu

Research Interests:
Studying the immunological mechanism of supramolecular platforms
Designing self-assembling vaccine platforms for enhanced cancer immunotherapy
Developing protein delivery systems to amplify immune cell functions

PhD Students

Jui-Lin Chen

MGM Doctoral Candidate
Research Interests:
Characterizing an HIV vaccine engineered with nanomaterials 
Solving the mechanism of the enhancement of immune response elicited by that engineered HIV vaccine

Benjamin Cossette

PhD Student
Research Interests:
Engineering self-assembling peptide vaccines for the treatment of allergy and autoimmune diseases

Elizabeth Curvino

BME Grad Student

Chelsea Fries

BME Doctoral Candidate, President of BME PhD Student Association, Duke Basketball Usher
Research Interests:
Designing helical peptides to control the lengthwise assembly of coiled-coil nanofibers
Incorporating viral proteins into nanofiber assemblies for vaccines against infectious diseases

Kelly Hainline

BME Doctoral Candidate, 4 Time Intramural Champion
Research Interests:
Developing a complement-adjuvanted nanofiber vaccine 
Engineering tunable 3D cell culture matrixes for prostate cancer organoid growth 

Sean Kelly

BME Doctoral Candidate, Laboratory Safety Coordinator
Research Interests:
Investigating how the surface properties of nanomaterials affect their interaction with the mucosal immune system

Lucas Shores

BME Doctoral Candidate, President of oSTEM Duke Chapter
Research Interests:
Engineering a therapeutic vaccine for the treatment of autoimmune disease
Investigating novel combinations of epitopes to enhance immune responses

Nikki Votaw

BME Doctoral Candidate, Vice President of BMES Duke Chapter
Research Interests:
Engineering altered peptide ligands to shift the balance between pro- and anti-inflammatory signals for the treatment of autoimmune diseases
Investigating how nanomaterials created in our lab interact with various aspects of the immune system

Masters Students